March 12, 2021

Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend

The Co-Founders of JK & Co. Jewelers share what it’s like to be in business with friends. 

You guys are friends as well as business partners. How long have you known each other?

Abe: Almost a decade! Wow, do we sound old? Matt and I met while working together at a previous job. We left on the same day to pursue the dream of owning our own business and here we are. JK & Co. Jewelers has been open for over 5 years in Santa Monica, CA and we’re just getting started.


What’s it like to work with a close friend?

Matthew: As with most things, there are good days and days when Abe’s in a bad mood. Just kidding. We’re lucky in that we each bring our own set of strengths to the table and that those strengths differ, making a good team. If you think about it like a restaurant, I’m in the front of the house and Abe is in the back of the house. I meet with most of our clients while Abe deals with the business side of things.


Matthew in Lahgo

Matthew is wearing the Restore Short Sleeve Tee


Your business is based on creating personalized experiences. Media talks a lot about women’s dreams of their wedding. Do you think society is creating enough space for men to dream too?

Matthew: It’s funny, every one of our clients does things so differently.

Abe: Yeah, you’d be surprised how many men dream about their wedding, too. I think they dream less about the flowers and more about the actual moment.


What does being a man mean to you?

Matthew: Supporting the ones you love and the people in your life. Being true to your word and treating people the way you want to be treated.


Matthew and Abe in Lahgo

Matthew and Abe are wearing the Restore Short Sleeve Tee, Restore Jogger, and Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee


With such a busy business life, what do you do to create space at home to relax, contemplate and dream?

Matthew: I’m a SoCal guy! I love to surf.

Abe: Put my phone away. I’ve also been reading autobiographies lately.


What makes you laugh?

Abe: My wife.

Matthew: Dad jokes.