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    interviews 13 June 2020

    Lex Pott's Lockdown Life Lessons

    We’ve long been admirers of Lex Pott, the Rotterdam-based designer who combines traditional Dutch minimalism and a preference for natural materials with an incredibly sleek aesthetic. The furnishings designer and artist shares five things he has learned during his time spent at home in Rotterdam, Netherlands and how each is changing his outlook on life.

    Lex Pott in Lahgo

    Lex wears the Cotton Silk Waffle Henley and Cotton Silk Jogger


    Lesson: Awareness

    I became aware of the infrastructure I always rely on and took for granted. The world is a different place now.

    Lesson: Taking Power Back

    That I always need to have an in-house production and web shop. This way, I can make products and ship globally without leaving my studio or need global supply chains.


    Lex Pott in his Lahgo sleepwear - warm layers

    Lex wears the Dreamy Wool Fleece Sweatshirt and Cozy Silk Jogger


    Lesson: Slow Down

    Due to Corona, I also realized that our tempo was very high and fast. Reflection— slowing down and rethinking what I do, helped me to be ready for the upcoming period.

    Lesson: Reflection

    I graduated in 2009 when there was a financial crisis. Looking back, I am happy that this was my start in design. The current situation shows a lot of similarities. I believe being independent and flexible are strong qualities.

     Lex Fragments

    Fragments by Lex Pott


    Lesson: Sit Down and Listen to Nature More

    There is somehow less noise in the city now. That made me realize that the birds sing very well in my garden. So by slowing down, I became more aware of my surroundings.

    Closing thoughts

    Let’s hope for better days soon. I see how much we all depend on each other and on collaboration. I hope that with the new distanced society, we can still collaborate and make our future dreams come true.

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