June 12, 2020

Meet Cool Pima

For when things heat up — meet the cooling, breathable sleepwear designed for those who run hot.

Lahgo Cool

Featured: the Cool Short Sleeve Tee


Temperature plays an important role in how well we sleep. If you’ve ever woken up in damp sheets, then you likely already know — staying cool is key. Hot sleep can cause fragmented sleep, which in turn can have subtle effects on things like complex memory retention, mood, and alertness, among others. That’s why we developed Cool — our innovative sleepwear line designed to minimize heat, moisture, and odor, and you don’t need to leave your bed for it to work.

Cool combines fast-drying TransDRY™ cooling fabric with the natural breathability of Pima cotton to give you a cooler, drier night’s sleep. It also utilizes the antimicrobial properties of silver to help minimize the odor caused by sweat. 

Traditional cotton fabrics absorb moisture rapidly and can retain as much as 20-40% more moisture than synthetic fabrics. If you sleep hot, you know that this can often mean waking up in sweaty clothes. TransDRY™ technology is a patented, high performance moisture management application that allows fabrics to spread dampness better than most high-tech synthetic fabrics. What does that mean, exactly? It helps to move moisture across a greater surface area of the body, allowing it to evaporate quickly, and stopping it from pooling in unwanted places. Your balls can thank us later.

Cool Pima Detail

Featured: the Cool Short Sleeve Tee


TransDRY™ cooling fabric dries 3 times as fast as regular pima, so the quicker evaporation of sweat, coupled with the natural breathability of cotton, will help keep you cooler and drier at night. That’s no exaggeration — TransDRY™ cooling fabric has twice the cooling power of regular pima. 

Cool Pima is the most comfortable sleepwear, designed to function like your favorite activewear, but made with natural fibers — so you can get down to business in the bedroom. 

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