June 12, 2020

Meet Restore Pima

Sleep like a rock, wake up refreshed. Recharge your body with innovative, smart sleepwear that restores you while you sleep.

Restore Pima

Marland wears the Restore Sleep Mask, Restore Long Sleeve Henley, and Restore Jogger


When you sleep, cells regenerate, tissues grow, and your memories and learnings are consolidated so that they become long term. The amount and quality of your sleep directly impacts these necessary functions and without quality rest, your body is unable to perform at its optimal functioning. A lack of quality sleep also affects your skin, weight, cognitive functioning, mood, and sex drive… and we definitely can’t have that. 

You may not always be able to get 8 hours of sleep a night, but we created Restore to make sure that the sleep you are getting is as valuable as possible.

Restore Pima Tank

Marland wears the Restore Rib Tank and Restore Jogger


The Restore line features soft, breathable Pima cotton and Celliant® minerals. This proprietary mineral mix works to absorb and convert body heat into infrared energy which is recycled back into your skin and tissues, helping to rebuild and recharge the body during sleep. Celliant® helps promote a deeper, more restful REM that leaves you more refreshed in the morning, and also makes for the ideal loungewear to put on after a tough workout.

Basically, our Restore fabric does all the work for you. We won’t shame you for bingeing TV on your couch, but, we suggest that you do it while wearing this.

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