June 29, 2021

Mindfulness & Masculinity with Nicholas Pratley

Nicholas Pratley is a speaker, writer, holistic lifestyle and breathwork expert, and an energy master. He created Luminous Intelligence, which is an energetic empowerment method based in Los Angeles.

Nicholas with daughter

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Home & Downtime

Let's talk about home. What makes a place home for you? And how do you make your home, yours?

What makes a home is the environment and energy that allows you to surrender to life, the moment, and your heart. We've created a very grounded, calming, spa type environment, where we can arrive home and exhale because it feels like a sanctuary. It's the smell, the feel, the sound of running water, everything that feels good, nurturing, and consistent. And that environment holds our family.

What activities keep you grounded in your downtime?

Personally, I love just chilling in nature, meditating, reading, exploring stores in new neighborhoods, and playing with our daughter Ava. And great conversation over great food is always soooo fulfilling. As a family, we love going to the beach, having brunch together (especially pancakes), going for walks, bike riding - anything that allows us to enjoy life while being together. It's the sweet moments that happen in between doing things together, that let magic emerge.

Nicholas in the home with family

Fashion & The Self

At Lahgo, we view our clothing not only as an expression, but also an affirmation; an approach we carry into every day. What role do you think your clothing plays in defining you?

I feel like clothes are such an incredible way to express ourselves. And sure there's the way we look, but ultimately it's about the way we feel. And so when I ask, "what will I wear today?", if i'ts based on how I will feel, then I affirm that I want to feel good, and that creates a life of more good feelings. A collection of good feelings, moments, and experiences, for myself and others - it's what life should be, and that's how I want to be defined.

If you had to give one piece of advice to your teenage self, what would it be?

Let yourself be fully expressed on every level. Challenge yourself to stand for truth. Remember that your truth is of great value, for yourself, and others. Share that truth wherever, whenever and however you can. Because that's you! You're playing your note in the symphony called life and when you play it, the entire symphony fine-tunes, amplifies, and harmonizes.

pride month

Pride & Masculinity

What does "modern masculinity" mean to you?

To me, modern masculinity honors both the feminine and masculine parts of the self. When we honor both we become whole, which is what we ultimately want. There is nothing superior about being wholly masculine in any way. Modern masculinity knows it needs/wants to feel feminine qualities in order to fully thrive, it knows that the feminine is so incredibly beautiful and powerful, that he drops to his knees and realizes – the way he treats everything and everyone teaches the next generation of children how to treat everything and everyone. It offers a whole new way of being.

How have your views on masculinity changed over the course of your life?

I used to think it was about having a strong body, taking care of everyone, showing a strong front, being successful, being the best. Even as I'm saying this, I'm laughing! Because it's so funny to me that I ever perceived it that way. While there may be slivers of truth in there, I now know that masculinity is really about honoring all parts of the self and others. To be soft, gentle and graceful IS to be powerful and strong. It's not what we are doing, it's how we are doing it. Masculinity is really about an ability to love and surrendering to that love.


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