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    24 November 2020

    An Open Letter on Masculinity

    As gender roles converge into more unisex expectations are we delivered into a world where the ideals converge and women can wear the pants… and men the dress?

    What does it mean to be a man today? This is a question I thought about a lot this week after seeing Harry Styles wearing a dress in the December issue of Vogue - and seeing the incredible variety of opinions from both fans and haters on social media.  

     Harry Styles Cover  

    Six years ago I launched a sleepwear brand to outfit the modern woman for everything she does at home. The company was personal to me; I created Lunya because I couldn’t find clothes that served my real needs or supported me in being who I wanted to be at home. I started with women because, well, I was one, so it was easier for me to solve the need and to be sure the demand was there. But after many years of Lunya’s success, men started asking, What about us?

    And I thought: Of course. What about men?  (Also: what am I saying by not serving men?)

    I created Lahgo to do something much bigger than make sleepwear. It was a chance to welcome men into the home on their own terms. It was a chance to do for men what Lunya was already doing for women: help them show up and be their best selves in their most intimate space.

    Because at the end of the day, men, just like women, deserve to feel confident and authentic. Men shouldn’t be constrained by society’s expectations. Lahgo gives men an opportunity to be comfortable and define their own rules for masculinity at home.

    So what do I think about Harry Styles wearing a dress?  Honestly, I think we’re missing the point. It’s not about the dress. It’s about the man wearing the dress … and whether his clothes allow him to feel like the best version of himself.

    Ashley Merrill Signature
    Ashley Merrill,
    Founder + CEO, Lahgo & Lunya


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