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Self-Care Season: A Fireside Chat

Between the ever-present pandemic, the oscillations between socialization and hibernation, and the friction of remote work, back to the office, or somewhere in between... we've all got a lot on our plates this fall.

Our answer? Self-care season – an intentional, focused look at how the modern guy unwinds. To find out how some of our favorite Lahgo guys create their self-care routines, we fired off some questions for a virtual round-table chat.

Parker in Lahgo

Parker is wearing the Washable Silk Set

What does self-care look like to you?

Parker York Smith: Self-care is subjective and in my world, it changes daily. It might be taking the whole day to spend time lazing around with my wife and our dogs, whereas the next day could be ensuring that I get to the gym and work up a sweat.

Robert Palmer: Self-care, to me, is all about feeling exceptional by striving to be the fittest version of myself, inside and out. To me, that looks like a mixture of workouts, sound therapy, natural skin care, visits to the chiropractor or masseuse, and paying special attention to my sleep routine. Between my wife and kids, we all have different steps we take to care for ourselves, but what matters is that we all have a grasp of how we can make lifestyle pivots to fit our needs at the moment.

Zak wearing Lahgo sleepwear

Zak is wearing the Washable Silk Set

Zak Resnick: Self-care can be so many things in my day! I love to treat myself to a massage or take an hour at Face Gym, but it can also be as simple as curling up on the couch with my wife and watching our favorite show of the moment. There’s no wrong way to self-care – as long as it works for you.

Alex Shannon: To me, self-care means prioritizing (and not feeling guilty about) taking the time you need to rest and recover from the stresses of everyday life. I think the actual activities look different for everyone, but the common thread is finding what you need to do to keep feeling your best, physically and mentally.

Robert in Restore

Robert is wearing the Restore Short Sleeve Tee and Restore Jogger

What are some obstacles you encounter when trying to add self-care to your daily routine?

Parker: Being a content creator is highly erratic, in a good way (mostly). I can’t rely too much on routine, as my schedule varies so much each day, so I have to be flexible with my self-care and squeeze it in when I can. Any number of things can get in the way, so finding – or forcing – those 5 minutes to breathe and just chill is so important.

Robert: I'm a husband, father, and business owner that gets pushed to wear many hats, then forgets to take them all off. I think all driven individuals like myself struggle with this, and it becomes easy to forget to show intentional actions of self-care and self-love. I set myself up with subtle reminders that self-care practices have value, but as with any new habit, it takes time and effort to make it routine.


Alex is wearing the Restore Long Sleeve Henley and Restore Jogger

Zak: Probably the biggest obstacle in getting enough self-care is my time. It can be hard to carve out enough time to just treat yourself to a nice moment, and they never seem long enough, but it’s so so so important that we do. We need to recharge, and if that means compromising on something else, it's usually worth it.

Alex: Juggling the daily things we all have to manage can definitely get in the way of my "me time," particularly when I'm traveling. Personally, I know that if I prioritize quality sleep (at least 8 solid hours) I can handle life much better, so that's something I try to never compromise on.

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