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The Father's Day Gift Guide

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. At Lahgo, we know masculinity and fatherhood are anything but stagnant – the nature of modern man is nuanced, ever-changing, and demands flexibility.

Our Father's Day Gift Guide is focused on navigating him through the oscillations of every day, through periods of work and play, of intensity and recovery, and of zoning in – then zoning out. Creating the perfect loungewear is a most ancient pursuit, but for the dads in your life, the search ends here.

Shopping for yourself? Go ahead and forward this to someone else. Dads do it all – you shouldn't have to treat yourself too.

The Restore Robe

Washable Silk Sets

Silk has been treasured for centuries, and we've made it even better. Our Washable Silk Short Set is the ideal uniform for the long days and warm nights of summer, designed for a breezy fit and a lightweight, breathable touch.

For dads in cooler climates, or those neglecting leg day, consider the Washable Silk Set – a little added length goes a long way. Both sets are available in a range of relaxing tones, from a Deep Blue reminiscent of midnight seas, to the desert dunes of our new Warm Rust.

Washable Silk Sets

Not Your Dad's Boxers

Looking for luxury? Washable Silk Boxers are the pinnacle of perfection down to every last stitch. Featuring a lay-flat waistband and side vents, these shorts mean he'll never have to decide between fancy and functional.

Restore robe and silk boxer

Cool Pima Collection

He's a cool dad – he should stay that way. We combined TransDRY cooling fabric, naturally breathable Pima Cotton, and silver-infused XT2 fabric to make the ultimate "chill out-fit". Science is cool.

Cool Pima became a tee, tank, and shorts. They slip on like a breath of fresh air, and they'll leave him feeling like one all day long.

Cool Every Day clothing

Beyond The Basics

For guys who've got the foundations down, there's always room to enhance the experience. 3pk Organic Cotton Socks allow for bedroom comfort to persist through every part of his day.

3pk sock

His house is his castle, and no king is complete without a robe – try our Restore Double-Faced Robe and never look back. Engineered with restorative fabrics, it's the perfect way to start and end every day.

Restore Double Face Robe

Thermoregulating and washable silk lends itself to our Washable Silk Sleep Mask, designed for cooling comfort and the perfect night of sleep, every night. It's a mask you won't want to take off (finally).

washable silk sleep mask

And for everything else, there's a Lahgo Gift Card. We get it, being decisive is Dad's job.

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