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    26 January 2021

    The Unforgiving Minute


    Today’s culture has bucked millennia-long gender norms, and men are searching for guidance that can help them find direction and meaning — where society had previously well-established expectations, now everything is in flux.

    No one (at least who’s sane) wants it to go back to the way it was but in this time of uncertainty a lot of people are claiming to prescribe the answers. While pundits (and marketing messages) thrive on creating new rules to follow, there are some aspects of being a good man that have remained constant since the dawn of time.

    At Lahgo, we turned the clock back 111 years to some wise words from Rudyard Kipling for some inspiration. What we loved about his poem IF is that it describes a good man without juxtaposition against womanhood. And, somewhat surprisingly, his insights are as true today as they were then.

    So we made a short film starring The Unlikely Florist (@theunlikelyflorist) to dramatize that perspective in a modern context. We show a contrast of creativity and responsibility, between chasing your dreams and focusing on those that matter most.

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