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Travel Is Back: How To Be At Home, Everywhere

Everywhere you look, signs of life are showing. From Pershing Square to Central Park, new faces (likely behind snapping camera lenses) slowly re-emerge as our collective freedom of movement is restored – something we probably all took for granted about 16 months ago.

Travel is back, and whether you're a roaming businessman back in his element or a wandering spirit ready to take flight once more, we've engineered the perfect threads to take a little slice of home comfort wherever life takes you.

Organic Pima

The Organic Pima Short Sleeve Tee and Organic Pima Short

Life's About The Journey…

There's something to be appreciated about the journey. A slightly arduous ritual, but it's in these moments that we try to reflect on the unique state we're in – no pressure to be here, nor there – just being.

Though we'll concede that achieving a higher state of being while traveling can definitely be… "interrupted". Between traffic, TSA, and always being at least one degree short of comfortable, travel isn't necessarily for the faint of heart. Lucky for you, we've assembled a collection of perfectly-engineered fabrics and thoughtfully-designed garments to help you find peace, comfort, and who knows – maybe even enlightenment – along your journey.

One of our go-to travel essentials is our assortment of Sleep Masks, designed to keep the light out and let the zzz's in. Our Restore Sleep Mask is the epitome of luxury travel – supreme softness meets restorative, energizing properties, keeping that busy head of yours recharged from moments of rest. It's a sleep mask that not only muffles noise and blocks out light, but actively regenerates your skin cells, promotes healthy blood flow, and enhances oxygenation. We're not here to mask your in-flight sleep problems – we're solving them.

Restore Sleep Mask

The Restore Sleep Mask

While en route to wherever, we'll go ahead and assume that you'll be on your feet a little more than you'd like. Buy a round for the thankless bearers of your weight with some Organic Cotton Socks, designed for maximum comfort everyday, in every season. Breathable, hypoallergenic, and more comfy than any premium-platinum-plus airport lounge we've ever been in. For your next long drive, red-eye flight, or terminal-to-terminal 5K, a three-pack of these will keep your soles smiling.

When the weight of travel becomes a bit too much to bear, slip into your Organic Pima Short Sleeve Tee and matching Organic Pima Short. Teleport your weary mind to a night of spinning records, sipping scotch, and having all your creature comforts of home, wherever you go.

Organic pima Short and short sleeve

The Organic Pima Short Sleeve Tee and Organic Pima Short

...and The Destination.

You're right where you need to be – now what? Time to change into something a little more comfortable, start the recovery, and get back to doing you. And really, are any summer destinations known for their cold temperatures? It's 100+ degrees in places where it definitely shouldn't be, so wherever you're headed, our Cool Collection has your back.

Made from the same rejuvenating fabric as the Restore Sleep Mask we were going on about earlier, it's probably a good call to bring a Cool Every Day Muscle Tee on your travels. Say no to forearm tan lines and say yes to actively cooling fabric that uses the power of silver (yes, the metal) to keep you cool, collected, and smelling like a summer breeze.

Cool Styles

The Cool Pima Collection

"Sun's out, guns out" not your vibe? Bring back the sleeves with the Cool Every Day Tee, but be sure to pair either one with Cool Every Day Short to complete the look. Plus, with odor-resistance woven into each garment, you might only pack one outfit – no laundry required.

So, from journey to destination, and from business travel to luxurious lounging, bring the comfort of home wherever you go this summer. Go forth, see the world, and wonder how you ever did it without us.


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