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Wedding Season: Keep Your Cool

The borders of what defines 'wedding season' have certainly blurred, but with a year's worth of postponed plans, we've got some celebrating to make up for. If your friends and family are as commitment-ready as some of ours, you've probably got more than a few big days lined up.

Whether it's your best friend marrying your new second-best friend, that uncle celebrating lucky wedding number three, or even some nuptials of your very own – we've got fabrics engineered for all kinds of festivities.

Washable Silk Short Set

The Washable Silk Short Set

Calling All Grooms

The big day is approaching, and you've got a lot on your mind. What the heck do you gift your loyal groomsmen? And more importantly – how are you gonna treat yourself? Don't sweat it, we've got answers.

So, numero uno – no matter what the boys have planned for the bachelor bash, you can't really go wrong with matching Washable Silk Sets for the whole crew. Perfect for a luxurious LAN party, sunshine-y getaway, or good old-fashioned slumber party, so you can celebrate your final nights of the single life with a fabric that feels like sweet freedom.

Need to say thanks to the guys that always have your back? The Washable Silk Boxer is the finest gift a man can give, available in a selection of earthy tones for all your perfectly-grounded groomsmen. Plus, they're machine-washable, so no excuses for funky scents emanating from just off the altar. We're told that "Something old, something new" is a superstition for brides, but if you'd rather lean on the safer side, fulfill your "something blue" with Washable Silk Boxers in Deep Night and rest easy.

Silk Boxer

The Washable Silk Boxer

As the big day creeps closer, you might fall into some restless nights of sleep, and that just won't do for the groom-to-be. Treat yourself to our selection of Sleep Masks, put your mind on "Do Not Disturb", and run through rehearsal speech #999 in peace.

Gifting to a groom and feeling a little let down by the registry? You can't really go wrong with any of the above, but if he's headed for a heavenly honeymoon, you'll want to read on. He's been through a lot – time to celebrate the man's softer side.

Pima Sleep Mask

The Organic Pima Sleep Mask


Here's to The Honeymoon

With the wedding stress behind us, it's time for some white sands, a fresh tan, and a colorful cocktail (or two). Honeymoons tend to heat up, so the naturally-thermoregulating effects of our Washable Silk Short Set will definitely be put to use. Perfect for room service mornings, afternoon spa sessions, or simply surveying the world from the balcony of your honeymoon suite.

While the sun sets on your grand getaway, slip on your Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee and take your special someone for an evening stroll. Go ahead, put your jacket over their shoulders – we'll be perfectly cozy just the two of us. Arrive home and these honeymoon threads become your everyday loungers, ready to teleport your mind to your happy place anytime they're called into action.

Now that's marital bliss.


Silk in Deep Blue

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