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    Our Story

    Our sleep and loungewear is thoughtfully-constructed and impeccably-designed to make all hours feel like off-hours.

    We believe in bringing respite to even your most routine at-home activities.


    Premium fabrics that put you in your happy place

    With a focus on striking, zen-inducing comfort, our silhouettes are unique in design, our fabrics are impossibly soft, and our pieces are made to perfection. We’ve used the power of imagination to create the coziest and coolest sleepwear for men that address the things that keep you up at night such as restlessness, temp control, and muscle aches, and the power of sustainable technology to bring it all to life.

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    We’re here to remind men that downtime is an important part of being your best.
    Our Mission
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    Elevated design for downtime

    By bringing in top thought-leaders in design, engineering, and good vibes, we’ve got every aspect covered. We create comfortable and long-lasting sleepwear by paying close attention to the details. Where will your pockets be? How can we make our seams feel seamless? How can we use natural fibers to offer temperature control, eliminate chafing, and allow freedom of movement?

    Restore Henley


    We’ve got you covered, literally

    When it comes to making men feel more comfortable during their off-hours,  offering more meaningful rest, and introducing the world to the most comfortable sleepwear known to humanity, our sleepwear is designed to make you feel great.

    Founding Story

    Behind this brand is a great woman

    Meet our founder, Ashley Merrill. She believes that luxurious comfort shouldn’t be exclusive to women. Her mission is to invite all men to take care of themselves. She has created a world where relaxation is not the antithesis to masculinity, but a mandatory prerequisite. Lahgo is the expression of that belief.

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