The Deep Card Game

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Confession: we’re not all that interested in chatting about our weekend plans or the latest news headline. We’d rather talk about things like, “If you’re on mushrooms and you have a spiritual experience, is that as legitimate as a ‘sober’ spiritual experience?” … and, “If time travel was perfected, should we go back in time and kill baby Hitler?” ← And we suspect you do too.

Perfect for dinner parties, date nights, getting deep your sweetheart, hanging with friends and family, work events, holiday gatherings and more, The Deep’s questions will help you go deeper … and get to the heart of what you think and feel about fun, fascinating topics. 

*WARNING: Mind-blowing conversation may ensue.*

  • 75 thought-provoking questions
  • 5 topics (that can be used again and again!)
  • Can be played in-person, socially distanced, or over Zoom/FaceTime.
  • 80 cards
  • For 2+ players
  • Recommended age: 14+

About The Deep:
The Deep is a playground for curious people — people who aren’t afraid to explore fun, thought-provoking ideas and opinions. The Deep’s mind-blowing questions are designed to spark your curiosity about the world and other people.
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